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They say that if you find a job you enjoy doing, you will never have to work a day in your life. That’s exactly how we feel! Kirkwood Training and Skills is the provider of choice for training solutions to our clients—not just because we’re great at what we do but because we love doing it.

Our team is genuinely passionate about making a difference to the professionals under our care. We want to empower people and help them—and organisations—reach their full potential.

Our position in the market is unique, thanks to the professional diversity of our team. Every one of our training programmes is run and facilitated by the trainers and consultants who have a wealth of experience in our clients’ sector, which means we have the capability to effectively train a wide range of professionals and businesses.


Whilst most of our competitors offer one-size-fits-all training, we like to do things differently. We believe that people are the beating heart of every business, so our flexible training programmes are determined by your team and your needs. We work closely with you to identify your successful business strategies as well as potential skill gaps, which we then use to tailor our programmes to your specific needs.

Our training programmes are designed to inspire and resonate with the professionals who take them. Over the many years we have provided training for clients, we have witnessed lasting, tangible change in individuals, which has sparked professional and personal growth. Former trainees have successfully climbed the ladder of their chosen career and led their organisation from strength to strength.


Our team is made up from 12 diverse individuals, and it is this diversity that has shaped us as a business. We come from different countries, speak over 12 languages, and have more than 175 years of experience as trainers. Most relevantly, we all have different professional backgrounds as well! This variety not only provides our clients with valuable insight from someone who knows their business, but also empowers us to match our consultants to the training programmes best suited to their strengths and knowledge.

We know the power of diversity and inclusion. It has not only shaped and built our business but enabled its continued success.


Our training programmes are designed to inspire and resonate with the professionals who take them. We are committed to delivering high quality training for every client because we believe in what we do and how we do it.

Continued professional learning and development is vital to the health of an organisation and to the wellbeing of the people within it. Stagnant companies don’t inspire, don’t grow and, ultimately, don’t succeed. We want to help businesses, organisations and individuals be the best they can be, without bombarding them with business jargon and irrelevant data.

We are committed to connecting with every client and fully understanding their needs. We deliver uncomplicated, effective training solutions that have a positive impact on businesses and enable true growth for individuals.


We believe that success and growth come from innovation, collaboration, and partnership. We have folded that belief into our culture from the very beginning, ensuring that our team and our clients benefit from a diverse, encouraging and supporting working environment.

Our culture underpins everything we do, including our training programmes. We continually strive to improve our services and never overlook the importance of providing our clients with true value for money.

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