Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted: 13th May 2022

With the cost of living at a 30-year high, households are feeling the squeeze on their finances as UK inflation soars, more families are relaying on food banks and anxiety levels are increasing in young people as they approach exam season.

So, we must have a look at what we can do as employers to support our employees throughout 2022 not just for mental health awareness week. A recent survey carried out by Total Jobs Group highlighted employee wellbeing and retention as two crucial areas of focus for employers, with 36% of businesses working to improve staff wellbeing from 2021. 23% of businesses are encouraging employees to take time off, 17% are training mental health aiders, and 16% are introducing new wellbeing initiatives.

The same survey also found 8 in 10 business leaders were concerned about the impact that inflation has had on their business, coupled with the challenges they are already facing with skill shortages, growing staff workload, and employee absences, therefore those companies are struggling to offer their workers’ pay-rises or extravagant salaries to keep them but they can think of ways to provide cost effective and meaningful support to their workforce without costing the earth.

Read our December blog to find out how you can support your employees during mental health awareness week.

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