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At Kirkwood Training and Skills, we don’t just say that diversity and inclusion are key components to success. We believe it. Our own team is comprised of people who have been together since the beginning—fifteen years ago—and, as of present day, enjoys 100% retention rate. This training programme is built upon the effective recruitment solutions that we use ourselves.

There is far more to successful recruitment than psychometric testing and a tick-box approach to inclusion. This programme will change the way you look for and look at applicants—including how to spot and combat unconscious biases, and see beyond academic achievements to uncover hidden talent.

We understand the importance of having the right people in the right roles. This programme will challenge your perceptions of what that means. By working closely with you, we assess your specific recruitment challenges, and help you uncover fool-proof strategies for growing your organisation through effective recruitment.

Course overview

As with all of our training courses, we are committed to understanding your organisation’s specific recruitment challenges and strategies, so we are able to deliver a bespoke programme suited to your needs.

We want to help you identify the best people for your team and your business, which is why this course focuses on how to identify an individual’s potential, regardless of gender, ethnicity or social background—as we know that talent comes in all shapes and sizes!

This course will also cover essential skills such as:

  • Practical interviewing techniques
  • Candidate screening methods, including how to spot hidden talent
  • Competency-based strategies that remove unconscious bias
  • Hands-on recruitment exercises
  • Practice interviews

Don’t let the perfect employee slip through your fingers. Learn how to attract, employ and keep the best talent available.

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