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Mental Health Awareness Week

13th May 2022

With the cost of living at a 30-year high, households are feeling the squeeze on their finances as UK inflation soars, more families are relaying on food banks and anxiety levels are increasing in young people as they approach exam season. So, we must have a look at what we can do as employers to…

Break the Bias on International Women’s Day

10th March 2022

Today — the 8th March 2022 — is International Women’s Day. It’s a day that celebrates the achievements of women everywhere, in the hope that we can create a world with equal opportunities for all. The theme for this year is about forging a world free of stereotypes and discrimination. To celebrate, we’re highlighting two…

Unorthodox training methods can benefit your employees

14th February 2022

They say ‘old ways won’t open new doors’. Whilst it’s certainly easy to use tried-and-true methods, doing the same old thing is not always effective. When it comes to your business, it sometimes pays to think outside the box. You may discover, for example, how unorthodox training methods can benefit your employees. Learning a different…

Recognising Female Trailblazers

28th January 2022

Most people will know the names Neil Armstrong and Albert Einstein. Fewer people will know the names Katherine Johnson and Mileva Maric – at least without specifically researching their lives. Yet those who do know these names will recognise them as female trailblazers; impressive women who contributed to advancing the world around us. So why…

Mental Health Awareness

14th December 2021

The last two years have been turbulent for us all and more uncertainty is on the horizon with new technology reshaping the world of work, whilst we are still battling with the aftermath of the first phases of the pandemic. These challenges have resulted in unprecedented stress levels, pressure and grief. Although 2021 improved circumstances…

How training & recruitment will help you win the Global Talent War

23rd November 2021

As the business world begins to recover from the pandemic, it’s important to realise that the challenges faced by organisations over the past two years – in particular, the battle to recruit – isn’t over yet. The search for great talent has increased in ferocity. If your company wants to succeed, it needs to look…

Black History Month

30th October 2021

As Black History Month comes to an end we celebrate a beautiful and rich heritage. Many people subconsciously think first of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of the 1500s when it comes to Black history. But, concealed behind slavery stories and the struggle for freedom is a rich Black African heritage of entrepreneurship, innovation and rich…

Kirkwood Training and Skills launches its new website

30th September 2021

Kirkwood Training and Skills is proud to announce the launch of its new website: Our new site is designed to be a hub for professionals – both corporate and SME’s – looking for bespoke training programmes that have a positive and lasting impact on their workforce. Kirkwood Training and Skills is an organisation born…

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